The Challenge is Done, What's Next?

-Kelby Halling

The 8-week challenge has come to an end but to every end, there is always a new beginning. A beginning in which you get to give the meaning. While transformation challenges are new and exciting, they are only for a short duration, and something I have learned to ask myself after accomplishing any challenge is: What’s next?

You see, while we move forward in the pursuit of our goals, we are becoming something more. We are becoming someone more. As in, the person we must be to obtain our goals is different than the person we were before we began that pursuit. How could it be any different? Look at it this way, if the purpose of merely pursuing a goal is because of the outcome it produces, then what happens after we get it? Do we just go back to our old selves? As in, do we revert back to the person we were at the beginning of the challenge? If that happens, did we ever really transform ourselves?

Instead, be the person who demanded that you change your habits, routines, and disciplines that no longer served you and who decided to implement new ones that improved you. That is why I like to say, “keep stacking bricks.” That is what we are doing, we are building upon our foundation. We are continuing to improve that which we have already built. How strong is a house that is half-built? How safe is a car with only some parts? It makes sense as to why we would not settle for less when it comes to these possessions, but it doesn’t make sense as to why we settle for less when it comes to ourselves. Our health. Our well-being. Our lives. Yet, it happens all the time.

Often this happens because we fail to ask ourselves, “what’s next?”. We focused only on the outcome and not the process. It is the process that led us to the attainment of our goal, not the goal itself. If we abandon the process that got us there, then we will lose the outcome. We all know this is true. At some level, we understand this, but we fail to act on it. We find ourselves back to where we were only this time feeling even more defeated because we have let ourselves down again.

But what if this time we plan for what’s next to come? What if this time we stick with the habits that got us through this challenge and continue to make them part of our lifestyle? After all, it is a lifestyle, being that the quality of our health is directly correlated to the quality of our lives. How much better would we feel? Not just physically but mentally as well. How much farther could we go? We can always better our best. We can always become more than we already are. Do not let entropy take over. A state where things start to deteriorate of their own accord because they have not been properly maintained. We are magnificent beings touched by the divine hand, the Creator Himself, to create a life for ourselves that is to be lived to the utmost of our abilities.

We are made to experience the richness and fullness of life. We are made to continually grow and overcome obstacles and challenges because that is what builds us into a stronger version of ourselves. It has always been this way; it has always been known but often forgotten. Until the day we wake up to this fact. The day that we realize the end is really just a new beginning. A beginning of being awakened to your unlimited potential. One in which you get to decide “What’s Next” for yourself as opposed to letting all that you’ve done become undone. It’s time to plan what is next for you. It is time to keep stacking bricks and continue building on the person you have become.

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