Take Action in Pursuit of Your Goals

By: Kelby Halling

Take action in pursuit of your goals

We are action-oriented beings. We have been made to take action. Our physiology and psychology are wired for action.

We don’t just talk about things and then they magically appear and happen for us. We must move, create, build, work for that which we most desire. Talking about what we want without actually taking action is one of the most certain ways of not getting that which you want. In fact, sometimes we talk so much that we talk ourselves right out of taking action.

You can tell someone that you want to lose weight, get healthy and live a higher quality of life but it is your actions that will ultimately show people what you truly want.

Thought without action is just a thought. Thought combined with action becomes a reality.

Think about that. If you say you really want something but do not do anything to make that a reality, do you really want it?

Anybody can talk, not many actually DO.

What we do determines our trajectory. What we do shows the world what we believe. We act out our beliefs. We can say we believe something but if we act out of alignment with those beliefs, we are showing something different.

And we know it.

We all know someone who does this. They say one thing but do another. They say they want to make a change but don’t leave the couch. They don’t want it. Simple as that.

When we decide to act on our beliefs and what we desire, we embody them. We physically take action. We show up how we want to be.

We don’t just think, we Do.

Do not allow yourself to fall into the trap of thinking and never doing. Do not allow your actions to negate your values. Act out your values. If you believe you deserve better health, a better body, a better life, then act on that. Stand up tall and move forward. Look up, get up, and never give up.

When we fail to act, we fail ourselves. When we fail ourselves, we begin to doubt ourselves and that doubt will paralyze us. It will put you in a corner that you don’t feel safe coming out of.

The antidote to this is to take action. Once you begin, you gain momentum. Once you begin you will begin to see more opportunities. It’s as if the world wants you to succeed but that will never happen if you don’t take that first step. If you let fear hold you back you will never grow. Growth occurs on the other side of discomfort.

Do not hesitate. Do not wait. Do not expect it to be done for you. Get up. Get after it. Take action as if your life depends on it. Because it does.

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