In-Person Classes

Maggie's Class: 

Cost is $5/Class. This is an hour long class.

It is a combination of strength training, weight lifting, cardio, core, and HIIT. Every move can be modified for your needs.

All levels welcome :) 

Kelby's Class: 

Cost is $10/Class. Both classes are 1 hour long. 

The adult class focuses on individual strength goals. The workouts are catered to each person depending on the areas they most want to improve upon. Whether it's building up the deadlift, trying to achieve an unassisted pull up or just wanting to focus on certain areas in which they want to see more growth.

The youth strength and conditioning class places an emphasis on getting youth athletes prepared for athletic performance through focusing on improving agility, explosiveness, reaction and strength using various forms of exercises, plyometrics, footwork, and weights.